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Flower List 2020

Herb List 2020



Tomatoes in Large Pots -4"$3.50 each---- Tomatoes in 6- Packs Deep$3.50 each 6-pack
Oregon Spring
Wiscinsin 55
Costoluto Genovese
Black Cherry 3"- Ground Cherry - $2.50 
Roma Paste  
Green Zebra  
Juliet - Grape Tomato  
Indigo Cherry Drop  
Early Girl  
Italian Black Plum  

Olpaka Paste


Black Krim

Peppers in Large Pots - 4"-$3.50 each Peppers in 6-packs -$3.50 per 6-pack
Ace Green Bell Ace Green Bell
King of the North - Green Bell King of the North
Early Jalapeno Jalapeno
Anaheim - Joe E Parker Cayenne
Bulgarian Carrot Hungarian Hot Wax
Cayenne - Long Red Narrow Sweet Banana
Hungarian Hot Wax  
Habanero Peppers in 3" pots-$2.50 each
Thai Hot 
Jimmy Nardello
Vegetable 6- packs-$3.50 per 6-pack Vines 3" Individual Pots-$2.50 each

Cantaloupe - Halona- Sweet Granite
Cucumber - Marketmore 76
Cabbage - Stonehead Cucumber - National Pickling
Cabbage - Late Flat Dutch Acorn Squash - Table Queen
Cabbage - Savoy- Melissa
Cabbage - Red Perfection Butternut Squash - Waltham
Cauliflower - Snow Crown Delicota Squash - Zepplin
Collards - Champion Spaghetti Squash
Eggplant - Swallow -Millionaire
Leaf Lettuce - mix of six
Kale Mix - 2 each of three- Lacinato-Red Russian-White Russian Watermelon - Sugar Baby or Blacktail Mountain
Zucchini - Raven
Pac Choi Zucchini - Black
Tomatillo - Toma Verde  

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