Barb's Garden at the Rivers Edge


Barb's Garden






Herb List


Tomatoes Peppers

Oregon Spring                  King of the North

Early Girl                           Ace

New Girl                         Early Jalapeno

Moskvich                     Anaheim - Joe E Parker

Taxi - Yellow                Nardello -sweet frying

Roma Paste                   Lipstick

Prudens Purple              Cayenne - Red Rocket

Big Beef                        Sweet Banana

Jet Star                       Hungarian Hot Wax

Jetsetter                     Serrano Del sol

Wayahead                 Habanero


Sweet Olive

Sweet Chelsea


Yellow Pear

Black Cherry

White Cherry

Vegetables 6- pack

Broccoli - Premium Crop and Nurti-Bud

Brussel Sprouts - Bubbles

Cabbage - Primax, Tendersweet , Savoy King

Red Express

Cauliflower - Snowball

Eggplant - Orient Express, Swallow

Leaf Lettuce Mix - of six different varieties

Kale Mix - mix of Red Russian, White Russian and Lacinato

Asian Mix - mix of Mizspoona, Tatsoi and

Prize Choy Pac Choi

Corn - Yellow Sweet Spring Treat

Tomatillo - Toma Verde





3" individual pot of Cucumber and Squash

Cantaloupe - Earligold, Sweet Granite

Cucumber- Marketmore 76

Cucumber - Homemade Pickle

Cucumber - Cool Breeae

Acorn Squash - Table Queen

Buttercup Squash

Butternut Squash - Waltham

Delicota - Zepplin

Hubbard - Baby Blue

Spaghetti Squash

Pumpkin - Racer

Pumpkin - Small Sugar - pie pumpkin

Zucchini - Raven

Herbs in 3: Individual Pot

Anise Hyssop              Lavender - Munstead

Basil- Genovese           Lemon Balm

Basil- Sweet Dani         Lemongrass East Indian

Basil - Thai                   Lovage

Basil - Cinnamon           Marjoram

Basil - Lime                   Mint

Basil - Red Rubin          Nasturtim

Borage                        Oregano - Greek

Calendula                   Parsley - Curled


 Parsley - Flat Leafed     Chives - Garlic


Cilantro                       Sage

Dill - Fern Leaf           Sage, White

Dill - Bouquet             Savory- Winter

Echinacea - Purple        Thyme

Fennel                          Thyme -Creeping


Flowers 6- pack

Ageratum, Hawaii Mix

Alyssum, Carpet of Snow and Easter Basket

Begonia, Eureka Mix Bronze Leaf

Coleus, Sonatina Yellow & Rainbow Mix



Cosmos, Sonata Mix

Lobelia, Crystal Palace Regatta White and Sapphire Trailing

Impatiens, Super Elfins Mix, Envoy Salmon,

Cherry, White and North Shore Mix

Marigold, French Brocade Mix & Lemondrop


Nicotiana, Domino

Pansy, Majestic Giants, Delta Blue Blotch, Delta Yellow Blotch, Rose Shades, Antique Shades Imperial Mix, Frosty Rose, Padparadja, Sky Blue, Velour Frosted Chocolate, Velour Lilac Bronze, Fizzy Lemonberry

Petunia - Celebrity Red, White, Blue,  Burgundy, Burgundy Frost, Aladdin Mix Double Glorious Mix

Snapdragons, Rocket Mix

Sunflower, Autumn Beauty Mix, Teddy Bear

Viola, Johnny Jump-Up

Zinnia, Cactus Mix

4 ˝" Flower Pots

Scented Geraniums , Citrus, Carrot, Silver Leaf, Robers Lemon Rose, Orange, Ginger, Chocolate Mint, Atomic snowflake, Lime, Balsam, Apple, Nutmeg, and Citronella

Fancy Leaf Geraniums

Zonal Geraniums - Sassy Dark Red, Patriot White

Gerainums -Pinto Pink, Pinto Red,

Wave Petunias - Blue, Purple and Tidal Wave

Ivy Geranium - Taj Mahal, Merlot

Bacopa- Blue Showers and Scopia Great Pink

Fuchsia -  Miss California, Snowy Summit

Spikes —Bridal Veil ---- Variegated Vinca

New Guinea Impatiens - Paradise Rose Flare and Suncatcher Salmon

Non- Stop Begonias and Tuberous Illum Rose

Non-Stop Tuberous Begonia’s



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