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Herb List


List of Perennials for 2009

Asiatic Lilies - Amarone, Puccini

Oriental Lilies- Stargazer

Tiger Lilies - Tigrinum Splendens

Artemisia - Silver Brocade

Artemisia - Silver Mound

Aster - Purple Dome

Astilbe - Bridal Veil, Fanal, Pink Lightning

Delphinium - Commecticut Yankee

Dianthus - Brilliant, Bath's Pink

Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) - Aurora , Old Fashioned, Kind of Hearts

Digitalis - Giant Shirley

Geranium - Max Frei

Baby's Breath (Gypsophilia) - Pink Fairy. Bristol Fairy

Hemerocallis (Day Lilies) - Barbara Mitchell, Bela Lugosi, Country Squire, Double Cutie, Happy Returns, Raspberry Candy

Hosta - Albo Marginata, Big Daddy, Guacamola. Kossa Regal, So Sweet

Iris Sibirica - Ruffled Velvet, Snow Queen

Monarda - Panorama Red Shades

Nepata - Blue Wonde

Penstemon - Husker's Red

Peony - Bowl of Beauty, Primevere, Red Double

Russian Sage, (Perovskia) Little Spire

Phlox - Bright Eyes,

Primula - Pacific Giant Hybrids

Rubeckia - Goldstrurn, Autumn Colors

Salvia - Blue Hill, Viola Klose

Sedum - Autumn Joy, Dragon's Blood, Red Carpet

Veronica - Red Fox




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Last updated 6-12-10 all Rights Reserved