Barb's Garden at the Rivers Edge


Barb's Garden






Herb List


Tomatoes 6 - Pack Large Pot Vegetable 6 - pack Vines 3" individual Pots
Oregon Spring x x Broccoli - Tendergreen Cantaloupe - Sweet Granite
Moskvich x x Broccoli - Premium Crop Cucumber - Marketmore 76
Delicious x x Brussel Sprouts - Roodnerf Cucumber - de Bourne
Wayahead x x Cabbage - Primax - Green Cucumber - Diva
Prudens Purple x x Cabbage - Tendersweet- Green Acorn Squash - Table Queen
Jet Star x x Cabbage - Melissa - Savoy Buttercup Squash - Bush Buttercup
Early Girl x x Cabbage - Red Express Butternut Squash - Waltham
Box Car Willie   x Cauliflower - Snow Crown Delicota - Zepplin
Costoluto Genovese   x Celery - Ventura Hubbard - Baby Blue
Better Boy x x Eggplant- Little Finger Spaghetti Squash
Cherokee Purple   x Eggplant - Swallow Pumpkin - Racer
Taxi x x Leaf Lettuce - Mix of six Pumpkin - Small Sugar
Sweet Olive Grape   x Kale Mix - 2 each of three Watermelon - Sugar Baby
Yellow Pear x x Asian Mix - 2 each of three Zucchini - Raven
Black Cherry x x Corn - Yellow Sweet Spring Zucchini - Black
White Cherry x x Tomatillo - Toma Verde  
Sungold x x    
Black Plum   x    
Roma Paste x x    
Bellstar Paste x x    
Peppers 6-Pack Large Pot 3" Individual Pot  
Ace - Green Bell x x   Some Peppers available only in 3" pots
Orion - Green Bell x x x Black Pearl
Early Jalapeno x x   Jala Feugo
Anaheim x x   Pepperocini
Lipstick   x   Hot Paper Lantern
Cayenne -Long Narrow x x x Nippon Taka
Hungarian Hot Wax x x   Blushing Beauty
Habanero   x x  
Sweet Banana x x x  
Carmen x x x  

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